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How Sweet It Is:


In HOW SWEET IT IS, Drake Matthews is preparing to launch his 10th horror novel on Halloween. In the book, you'll notice some of the names of his other bestsellers...and here's the INSIDER SCOOP as to the premise for Drake's other books. Dylan Newton, with help from her book influencing group, Newton's Book Neighborhood (which fans may join HERE) created this Drake Matthews backlist of his titles for some extra SWEETness!

10. Halloween Hacker

Kate Sweet is hired by Drake Matthews' publisher to create a launch event for this novel, releasing on Halloween:  A computer hacker is slowly driven insane by the software program he's created. Is it artificial intelligence? Or something more terrifying being birthed in his midnight coding sessions?

9. Attic Asylum

In this Drake Matthews fan favorite, an abused women gets the ultimate revenge against her abuser in this thriller guaranteed to make you sleep with the lights on...and a knife under your pillow.

8. Bayou Boneyard

Southern Hospitality takes a sinister twist when a scientist ventures to New Orleans to investigate reports of a new species of snake. Between the wildlife, the voodoo, and the mysterious disappearances of the locals,  the researcher has to track down this bayou killer...before it tracks him.

7. Dark Dolls

A centuries old ceramic doll  is discovered under the staircase of an abandoned Victorian house. When the demolition supervisor brings the treasure home to his young daughter, the message attached to the doll's dress becomes terrifyingly clear: "Ne'er leave the dolls out while you sleep."

6. Scared Stiff

Drake Matthews shadowed a mortician while researching this book! Living a life surrounded by death isn't for everyone, but local mortician Ember Holliday seems born to it. If only the rural village knew what lay, slumbering, beneath the funeral home...they would all be Scared Stiff.

5. Soul Salvation

Saving souls was Pastor Dan's only goal. So when a travelling salesman pitches a no-fail conversion technique, involving an old staircase, he signs away everything to help his congregation be born again. Yet, once it's over, nothing is the same and Pastor Dan will have hell to pay...

4. Grave Goods

Overlooked once again for promotion, an Egyptologist decides to do a little digging on her own, planning to publish her results on the ancient grave goods from Queen Hetzubah before returning them to the archeological site. Yet some things, when disturbed, cannot return to slumber...

3. Bloody Bluff

All poker players need to know how to bluff, but when card shark Chris James begins to have nightmares of a string of murders--dreams that become true in exactly three days--he'll have to figure out how to play his cards right. If he wants to live.

2. Alien Abyss

Deep in the Animal Flower Caves of Barbados is a mile-deep cleft into the earth, and when a group of adrenaline junkies decide to go spelunking...they discover they are not alone in the abyss.

1. Twisted Twin

This is Drake's current work-in-progress when the novel begins...and although he's set up an interview and tour with the cemetery groundskeeper and a local historian to visit the oldest mausoleum in the cemetery, even Drake Matthews has no idea what this book is about. Do you?

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